Mom; "the ever present soft warm blanket of life", as a mother sow's in tears sow she shall reap in the joy as her baby grows. This is what Fred learned about one day in the story.

  As Fred is walking in the park on a perfect spring day he hears a child laughing and giggling nearby. The child is continually being tossed in the air by her mom.
Fred says to himself, “Everything is inadequate compared to true care. How can I get that kind of care in my life again? I will have to risk everything just as the child does without thought or reservation. My fear is of what can happen if I trust completely. How does one trust completely?”
      When Fred becomes close enough to the mother and child, he says, “My name is Fred. And what is your name?”
       The mother answers, “My name is Norma, and my daughter’s name is Mary.”
       “Those are nice names. I could not help but watch you toss Mary in the air with such care. The incredible trust that Mary has in you is something magical. How did you foster such magic?” Fred asks as he scratches his head.
        Norma replies, “I view words like a life line, and unto Mary’s soul each word sent from me is living water to her, that can be touched, for my words are truths unto themselves that never change. I willingly sacrifice myself for her, so as to constantly give Mary joy to which she can look forward to. There is no place where my words will not be heard by her. Mary could be in the valley of death, and still would feel my precious promise. I thank God for the promises I keep to Mary!”
     “Wow, Norma, each note you are privileged to speak is a tether to Mary's soul, that she may swing from like a vine, over any peril. ‘First was the word, then the word became flesh. The spirit in us is greater than he who is in the world. Because of this, nothing can stop your word. Mom; "the ever present soft warm blanket of life",  as a mother sow's in tears sow she shall reap in the joy as her baby grows.

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.’ (Psalms chapter 126 verse 5).”

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